Welcome to the RPG Research Wiki, a Roleplaying database that anyone can edit.

In this wiki, started on February 22, 2006, we are currently working on 170 articles.

The idea behind "RPG Research," is a wiki for all the information that players and game masters lookup when playing or running their games. A System Reference Document with the general statistics of the game is not all that is intended to be here, but also actual historical facets of the item in question. Perhaps the intricate details of the +4 chainmail armor that the Dwarven fighter could be added to your campaign as he crafts it. Or how exactly should that Desert Eagle be reloaded by your d20 Modern hero?

Not just your weaponry and protective garb, but also the very locations that you would frequent, perhaps the wall of your dungeon is granite, or even an elegant marble. What buildings are in an actual military base and how many would be the statistical average? Or perhaps a floor plan of actual castles so that game masters could create a realistic one for their players.

RPG Research strives to produce lists, statistics, information, et cetera for the roleplaying guru trying to keep it real.

Please join in and help make it a success.

Current Projects

  1. System Reference Document for Dungeons and Dragons 3.5
  2. System Reference Document for d20 Modern