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Vajra Enterprises is a small role-playing game publishing company founded in 2001 by Brian St.Claire-King just prior to the release of the roleplaying game Fates Worse Than Death. [1] Vajra's games have a reputation for being different from anything else in their genres. For example, at the beginning of Fates Worse than Death, there a page long list of things that differentiate it from traditional cyberpunk. The same applies for In Dark Alleys and traditional horror. All Vajra Enterprises releases are based on the Organic Rule Components system, also known as ORC. The publisher offers free licenses to use the ORC system on approval of the subject matter by Vajra Enterprises. [2]

Other game products by Vajra Enterprises include: Tibet, a historical fantasy set in Tibet circa 1950; the modern horror game In Dark Alleys; and Behind the Eyes of Madness, a supplement for Fates Worse Than Death with special rules for characters with mental illnesses [3].

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